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We understand the great lengths and efforts that go into a new building or any re-ordering process.  We believe that every AV installation should be aesthetically pleasing and designed with sensitivity to the fabric of the building.  It is therefore imperative that AV is considered at the design phase of any building project.

With so much equipment available these days, it can be a challenge to navigate through the minefield of choosing the right system. With no particular loyalty to any brand, by engaging our services at design-phase we are able to ensure that you get a system that is fit for purpose taking into account the space and its use, rather than the most profitable items a contractor may have on the shelf.


For a small design fee, we will design and specify an AV system according to your requirements that can then be taken to tender; the specification would include:

  • Full specification of our recommended solution.  (can be brand specific or open ended)
  • Audio Coverage plot for the proposed solution and space.
  • Hard of hearing system design to IEC600118-4 and BS7594:2011 standards ensuring compliance with the 1998 Disability Discrimination Act and the Updated 2010 Equality Act
  • Onsite RT60 reverberation
  • Recommendations for acoustic treatment.
  • Consideration for video system sightlines and minimum viewing stances.
  • Recommendations for remote control and monitoring
  • Integration of control systems with other building functions
  • Review and commentary of contractor proposals.
  • Recommended service scheduling


We can also supply 3D visualisation which may be particularly useful if people want to see screen, speaker or lighting systems in the virtual realm.

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