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Event Management

From table centres and candelabras to lighting and set design, we consider every intricate detail important in reinforcing your brand and message at your event. If your light show is incredible but the food is awful, your delegates may not remember the light show.

Our talented team of project managers will sit down with you to discuss the nature of your event from the outset. We work hard and ask a lot of questions to make sure that we fully understand the brief, what you are trying to achieve, who you are trying to reach and the best way to ensure that your audience get the message.



By gaining an in-depth understanding of what you want to communicate our design team will then begin to develop concepts and ideas with various key messages woven throughout the event to make sure that each and every delegate or guest is engaged.

Following our initial consultation our project manager will then take your project to our creative and technical teams who will be given the brief and at this stage begin to develop the production proposal for your approval. This is the process where your event is really refined allowing the details and unique style to be formed.

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