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Be it a small meeting or concert in the open air, your event exists to ensure your message is heard.  Our approach to audio systems removes the guess work and ensure you get pristine audio every time. 

Offering comprehensive audio solutions, our inhouse sound engineers make use of the latest developments in audio prediction software to make sure every system they design leaves no part of your venue uncovered.

It is often required for us to steer the audio coverage of a system at a festival in order to comply with strict noise restrictions imposed by local authorities, all of this is possible with our design methods.  By using high-end professional grade equipment not only does the reality match the design, it gives reliable and exceptional sound every time.



So, if you require a sound system with front of house and monitor splits for your festival, a streaming solution for your online concert, a package for your theatre tour or a simple speech reinforcement solution for your conference, we have the equipment or expertise to ensure your message is heard.

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